Kulvinder Bains

“It used to take us almost an hour to set up an interior since we had to select a wall, set up the light, register the light, and fix the scale. Now we can do it in seconds with ShadersBOX!”

ShadersBOX helped them complete projects approximately 25% faster!


  • Like most Arch Viz Artists, filling up interiors with geometry causes scenes to be extremely heavy.
  • It would also take at least an hour to set up an interior.


  • Replacing 3D assets with 2D planes has made scenes significantly lighter.
  • It has also saved a lot of hours since 2D planes require far less effort to set up.
  • They’ve completed 200 projects with ShadersBOX since June 2021.
  • They now have more time to spend on other areas of their projects and have no issue meeting deadlines as they used to.
  • They are now completing projects 25% faster than before.
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