Paul Spaltman

“ShadersBOX is easy to use, it looks great, and I wouldn’t think twice about using it. At least give it a try with the Starter Kit to see what it can do for you.”

Paul can now furnish up to 50 apartment blocks in only 2 hours!


  • Adding life to the inside of buildings is complex, especially when there are 50 or 100 apartments.
  • He had to hide the empty interiors by making the glass windows dark, reflective or use curtains.
  • He could furnish the apartments sometimes, but it’s impossible for so many apartment blocks.
  • In SketchUp, he could download complete rooms with objects in them, but with so many rooms to furnish, his scenes would be extremely heavy.


  • It now takes only 2 hours to furnish up to 50 blocks of apartments.
  • He created a workflow with roombox that makes it quick and easy to furnish multiple rooms in SketchUp.
  • Better and higher quality renderings even helped improve his relationship with his clients.
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