Revin Hermiz

It used to be very daunting to think about how we would fill out 100 units. But now that we have ShadersBOX, we don’t have to think about that anymore. Overall we’re extremely happy with it.”

ShadersBOX has saved them 60-70% of their time on each project.


  • When working with a space of 10, 20 buildings, filling up each unit with lights and furniture was extremely time-consuming.
  • It would take 45 – 60 minutes to design a retail space.


  • They found it particularly beneficial for complex projects, such as urban design and retail design spaces.
  • They can now work with a large scene without worrying about the impact on its file size.
  • Instead of designing each individual interior for 100 or 200 units, they now have various unique textures to choose from.
  • It saves 60-70% of design time for each project.
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